Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lt. Col. Allen West in Florida's 22nd District

Lt. Col. West, like Allen Griffith, is another leader at the local level whose candidacy will help strike more blows against what West calls the "leadership by entitlement" that we currently suffer with in Washington.

In this Newsmax interview from last month, West is straightforward and articulate about any number of issues. On race relations, he says that Blacks have to get away from the victimization of liberalism and engage in the empowerment of conservatism. He describes the 'self-licking ice-cream cone' whereby government creates victims who then become wedded to the government for help, causing the government to claim it must grow ever larger to help all the victims it created. (Sounds like a perfect description of the Obama presidency.) On Islam, West doesn't hesitate to say that Islam isn't a religion, but rather a "theocratic, political system disguised as religion."

If Joe Biden happens to be looking for any more mainstream African-Americans who are clean, bright and articulate, he need look no further than Allen West.

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