Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Lady Targets Fat

Are you fat? Worse yet, are your kids fat? If so, Michelle Obama finds you and your family to be something of a pox on the country's image.

According to the First Lady, we need "nationwide support" to get our "kids on track" and put an end to "food deserts" (whatever they are). We are a nation of "families in isolation" unable to "make desired changes" for healthy living because we lack the proper "tools." According to Mrs. Obama, we are not only fat, we're just plain stupid!

First Lady Michelle is the latest incarnation of her husband's nanny state and she's now on the warpath to get all of us hapless and hopeless families moving. That's the name of her initiative--Let's Move. She's a veritable foghorn of dire predictions and threatening news as she blasts us for being blubbery, dumb and incompetent. However, she assures us that she and her husband's government programs are there to fill the gap.

I have trouble believing that the First Lady knows how to boil water let alone plan an entire meal, and the sight of her digging up the White House lawn in J. Crew outfits leaves me wondering how she squares farming with her fancy Princeton degree and her law background. I can't help but think Mrs. Obama curses the darkness as she watches her husband appoint one person after another as his Czars and relegates her to the vegetable patch. Once the Obamas are out of the White House, my guess is that Michelle will leave the trowel and spade on the White House lawn and will run for senator from Illinois as quickly as possible. Until then, she's out there to save us all from our big, fat stupid selves.

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