Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Hard For Obama

What is our president thinking? He treads softly with terrorists, apologizes to the world for America's contributions and bows to mayors. On the other hand, he turns aggressive when he scolds Supreme Court justices, and he gets tough on unborn babies by continuing to promote a health plan that will have all of us paying to abort them.

Today he commiserated with Senate Democrats about these being "tough times to hold public office." He couldn't say enough about all the hard work he and the Democrats have been doing. Who would have thought that a senator's life was full of "hard decisions," " hard work," " working hard," "doing the hard thing," " hard political decisions," problems that are "hard to solve" and that they have the "burden of working harder." The speech will likely give any sane person agita.

What is the president thinking? Nothing of particular substance. Obama is a clanging bell, a crashing gong and, under all that noise, a wimpy man.

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