Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deebow Speaks - Women in Combat

Molly Pitcher In Combat
I have no first hand experience in the military, let alone in combat, which causes some to peremptorily declare that I can't be against women in combat because, with no military experience,  I'm not eligible to have an opinion on the subject.  This is of course not good thinking.  Plenty of people are against all kinds of things with which they have no first-hand experience.  People who have never starved decry starvation, confirmed bachelors declare marriage a waste of time and secular humanists rail against organized religion though the last time they were in a house of worship,  if at all, is when Mother and Dad took them as mere babes. 

Anyone can be for or against something based on principles, beliefs and logical, common sense reasoning in addition to relying on experience.  Speaking of the latter,  here is someone who can talk about the senselessness of women in combat based on his experience.   It all makes sense, but here is a taste of Deebow's thinking:
This idea that we can reshape our force by allowing women to be snake eating Navy SEALS and make us more combat effective is the pinnacle of Libturd thinking.  General Dempsey believes that the US Army can make standards in these unique career fields "gender neutral."  Well General, they already are.  You have to be able to demonstrate for the Blackhats that you can do the buddy-run carrying the man next to you until they say "ENDEX" and not end up with stress fractures in your hips and shoulders. You have to be able to do as much as the man next to you in your boat crew, for as long as the Navy SEAL screaming at you from the top of the berm tells you to do it.  You have to be able to carry your battle rattle, and maybe that of your wounded buddy, for miles and not completely destroy your body doing it.  The battlefield is an unforgiving place and you don't get safety stand downs when you get hot and tired and the fighting doesn't stop just because your needs aren't being met.
Joan of Arc in Combat


Elbert Guillory Speaks!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father Capodanno

Today is the anniversary of Fr. Vincent Capodanno's death 46 years ago in Vietnam.  Known as the "Grunt Padre,"  you can read and hear more about him here .   He's a native son of New York and served as a Navy Chaplain to the U.S. Marines.  He was awarded a Medal of Honor for his faithful heroism.

After reading about Fr. Capodanno, it might, for some, be a strain to the imagination to conceive of a military without such as the Grunt Padre to offer strength and support to embattled and dying soldiers.  But, the imagination need not strain after reading this document from the current White House, especially this paragraph referencing the freedom of members of our military to worship as their consciences dictate.

Expansion and Implementation of Protection of Rights of Conscience of Members of the Armed Forces and Chaplains of Such Members: The Administration strongly objects to section 530, which would require the Armed Forces to accommodate, except in cases of military necessity, "actions and speech" reflecting the "conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs of the member." By limiting the discretion of commanders to address potentially problematic speech and actions within their units, this provision would have a significant adverse effect on good order, discipline, morale, and mission accomplishment.
That is, religious observance, faith, worship, could have an "adverse effect" on order.  Fr. Capodanno, pray for us!