Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Allen Griffith 4 Congress

Please follow and support this candidate from my home state of Pennsylvania. The video is great and so is his message. More people, regular people (all those 'folks' that Barack Obama keeps referring to) need our support when they, like Allen Griffith, decide to take a stand and throw their hat into the ring of public service. Our government should not be in the hands of a self-anointed, ruling elite in Washington, but rather in our hands, the hands of our local leaders, friends and neighbors who have the ability to articulate our viewpoints and the integrity to represent us honestly. Great success to Allen Griffith in his run for Congress. Griffith's website is:


  1. When they favor legal immigration, they are pretending to be against illegal. Flee from these professional Bile-Ball types--like the King of All Amnesty Ronald Wilson Reagan (666)---everything they say they do, they don't.

    Pro-Life = Pro-Lice.