Monday, October 12, 2009

Michael Yon on Afghanistan

Here's a short message from Michael Yon, the former Green Beret, self-employed war correspondent/photo-journalist who has been covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can follow his on-line 'magazine', read his book, Moment of Truth in Iraq, and support his mission. He has been warning about Afghanistan for the past several years. By the way, Yon's 2005 photo at right shows U.S.soldier Major Mark Bieger carrying a little Iraqi girl named Farah. American soldiers got Farah to the hospital where she died, but it was Al Qaeda terrorists who killed her when a suicide-car-bomber drove into a Stryker while about twenty Iraqi children crowded around. And Obama travels the world apologizing for our country?
This supposed "low intensity" war is high intensity for the handful on the burning end. While London and Washington waffle over troop levels, Afghanistan is on course to surpass anything we ever saw in Iraq. We can still turn this war around but at the current rate surely the war will be lost. Indecision on a troop increase is a decision to lose the war. The required information has been presented to leaders in Washington and London. They have all the information needed to make a decision on troop levels. Weak civilian leadership is sabotaging the war effort.

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