Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have You No Shame?

Blackfive asks U.S. Senators 'Have you no shame?' as Blackfive comments today on this story in the Washington Times about the $2.6 billion the U.S. Senate transferred from Pentagon operations funds to cover some of our Senators' pet projects in their home states as well as other projects the military doesn't want.

Have you no shame?

. . . they take away the money from the O&M Budget that buys the tools and the sustenance that we need to win against what is now, thanks to President Obama's Chamberlainesque dithering and waffling, a growing insurgency that is becoming virulent and strong and doing to us what we were once doing to it.

. . . we have politicians and a President who are plundering the Treasury and dithering while trying to impress the Eurotrash deciding on how many more Nobel Peace Prizes to award to him. And he can't seem to fit any strategy meetings into his busy TV Speech schedule.

I am growing weary of explaining that there is a difference between fighting to win and fighting to not lose to the government class that feels as if they rule . . . When the money starts to go away, the question becomes whether or not it is worth it to fight at all for someone who will disrespect your sacrifices, insult your efforts and deny you the tools to win; and then blame you for not doing the best job you could with resources they never provided.

I pray for the safety of my comrades who carry our fight to enemies of freedom far away from home and comfort and for the United States of America, because we truly now need divine inspiration and the help of the hand of the Almighty...

Amen to that.

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