Saturday, October 20, 2012

Al Smith Dinner in New York City

So Barack Obama did attend the Al Smith dinner last night as did candidate Mitt Romney.  While it's customary for both candidates to attend the dinner---Cardinal Dolan explains how the event works in this blog post--some of us were put off by Obama's attendance given that his position on most everything is diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching.    Despite Michael Voris's last ditch effort to persuade Cardinal Dolan to make a statement by dis-inviting the president, the dinner proceeded apace.  More liberal media outlets considered the evening a slam-dunk for the Catholic Church while this article lists some of the objections that many have had to Cardinal Dolan's position on having the president attend.  And, here's another negative take on the guest list.

Here is Cardinal Dolan in his own words at the dinner.  The only "un" mentioned by Cardinal Dolan that could have even remotely ruffled Obama's feathers was the mention of the unborn.  Otherwise, Obama must have sat there nodding to himself that he really is every Catholic's best friend because he too cares about the "uns".   I thought Cardinal Dolan might have had something up his sleeve for last night's dinner, perhaps a public rosary like those being said around town,  with the president leading one of the decades or at least some pithier remarks from the cardinal. But, it seems that this was a night just to have fun, to get along and all be friends.  I understand about civility as the cardinal expresses it in his blog (above link), but these are fightin' times and it's disappointing to hear the call to arms from the bishops only to have our head bishop then fraternize merrily at a political event with our opposition.

Now, on a lighter note, it should be duly noted that Ann Romney's gown (with godets) was very pretty and she looked lovely, the picture of good taste.  And it is curious that, as this blogger notes,  "Mooch" wasn't at the dinner.   Wonder why. 

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