Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catholics at Commencement

Fortunately Bill Donohue refuted the charges made by certain Catholic professors that House Speaker John Boehner was not Catholic enough to deliver the commencement address at Catholic University of America's (CUA) Saturday graduation.  Victor Nakas was the CUA spokesman who,  in my opinion, gave too mild of a statement regarding the selection of Boehner to give the address.  Pooh on diversity in the Catholic community!  CUA  is supposed to be shoring up its Catholic identity and standing up for Catholic orthodoxy in higher education.  Why not just let these pseudo-Catholics have it?! 

Naturally, some of these faux Catholics who protested Boehner's presence are affiliated in various ways with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a group that could more accurately be named Catholics-In-Name-Only in Alliance for the Good of Liberals and Progessives!   (Funny, no?)

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